Learning and teaching music made easy and fun
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Make Learning & Teaching Music
Easy, Fast & FUN!

Yep - I believe music should be easy and fun, and when it is the learning is fast. Here you will find resources for learning and teaching music. Some are free - some are just cheap!

  • Want to make your own instruments in the classroom on a really low budget?
  • Want some music to play on those instruments?
  • Maybe you want to build some more serious instruments for yourself or your school to use for years to come?

I have just started getting this site off the ground, but I have heaps of stuff ready to go so things will be added fast - bookmark this page now!

NEW Feature products
makeamarimba SHEET MUSIC!

What's New at EP Music?

makeamarimba SHEET MUSIC!
Our first available item at easypeasymusic.com - a selection of easy sheet music for marimba, especially written to suit the marimbas at makeamarimba.com

Learning Drums made Easy

Check out the youtube video!
"Building the Project 3, in 4 Minutes!"

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